Saturday, September 4, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

... I baked some cakes, for you to surprise your lovely mates. While you were sleeping, I ironed with patience whilst watching you do, the toss and the turn.

While you were sleeping, I wiped the floor, sometimes asking why you couldn't help me more. While you were sleeping, I also checked to see, if everything else was all neat and tidy.

While you were sleeping, I hummed a tune, hoping you didn't grow up on me too soon. While you were sleeping I sat by you, and all the bad, away I blew.

While you were sleeping, I talked to myself, praying for happiness and abundant of wealth. While you were sleeping, I looked at you who dreamed the dreams so beautiful I knew.

While you were sleeping, suddenly my grey hair grew, the wrinkles lined up more than a few. And while you were sleeping, my eyes came to weak, I could no more see without these glasses thick.

Then you asked me "...when did it happen?
... when did you grow old all of the sudden?"

It all came never by chance. Age does add up in a blink of a glance. I was here all along, with you I grew too. Only, you grew taller in my care and I grew more white, in my hair. ;o)


Cakes baked "..while you were sleeping."

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CherMin StuDio said...

saya nak order cake for my bestfriend..mcm mana nak thu contact n price...boleh emailkn contact...