Sunday, November 4, 2007

Price List (Please write to me for the latest in price, TQ!)

Muffette size


All muffs will be packed in a transparent container to avoid unsightly smudges. Therefore, the price of all the muffs has been increased to cover the cost of the new packaging. Thank you! :o)

A box of
49 cupcakes(simple swirl with chocolate drop)
(1.5 inch in diameter)

A box of
49 cupcakes ( with designs eg. flowers, ribbons, geometry, butterflies, etc.)
Starts from RM60

*extra Rm3 for requested decorative items such as ribbons.

*Buttercream messages on the muffettes come free, but if you wish to have the messages written in fondant, the charge is 0.15sen each and with white or dark chocolate 0.20sen each.

(2.5 inch in diameter) medium size

Cupcakes are simply dressed in swirls of butter cream with choc fudge underneath limited to three colours of your choice.

A box of
16 cupcakes
RM 60
25 cupcakes
RM 75

(2.5 inch in diametre) medium size
Cupcakes are covered in choc fudge before iced in buttercream with customers' theme designs also done in buttercream.

A box
16 cupcakes
25 cupcakes

Extra Special
(2.5 inch in diametre) Medium size
Cupcakes are first layered with choc fudge and then with butter cream. Designs are a mix of butter cream, chocolate and fondant.

A box of
16 cupcakes from
A box of
25 cupcakes from

3D cupcakes
(2.5 inch in diametre)
Fondant and gumpaste are used as toppers for these special occasion cupcakes with your choice of buttercream or chocolate fudge frosting.
*For extra designs of 3d cupcakes, different price would be charged. It depends on the intricacies involved in the sculpting of the figurines.

A box of 9
Starts from RM75
A box of 16
Starts from RM85
A box of 25
Starts from RM100

Supreme Cupcakes
(2.5 inch in diametre)
Perfect for engagement and wedding hantaran. Cupcakes are layered with chocolate fudge or if you like in butter cream, before draped in Fondant. Designs are all done in fondant and gum paste.

A box of
9 cupcakes
Starts from RM70
A box of
16 cupcakes
Starts from RM100

Fondant Cakes

Fondant whole cakes are priced from RM150 each. Sizes are from 6.0 inches to 8.5in diameter and weigh around 2.5 to 3.5kg. The cakes would be layered with your choice of frosting upon request.

Novelty Cakes

Novelty Cakes start from RM150. The price depends on the choice of frosting, design and the amount of cake required to create your order.

For more pictures please view the slides here.


1. Fudgy Chocolate
2. Vegetarian Chocolate
3. Vanilla
4. Orange
5. Strawberry
6. Carrot
7. Mocha


We welcome those who prefer collecting the cakes themselves, coz we don't like to charge you extra. However, we do make deliveries and, depending on the location. Deliveries are often done at night on weekdays and on weekends we try to deliver your cakes at the time of your request.

Delivery Charges
Bandar Sg. Long - Free
Mahkota Cheras - Free
Taman Tun Hussein Onn - RM 10
Cheras - RM20 - 30
Bangi - RM20
Putrajaya - RM25
Puchong - RM30
KL City Centre - RM25
Taman Tun - RM25
Ampang - RM30
Taman Melawati - RM30
Subang Jaya - RM30
Sg. Buluh - RM35
Shah Alam - RM40

Self Pick-Up

For those who are just nearby or are feeling a little bit adventurous to explore the friendly area of Ulu Langat, you are so so welcome to fetch your cakes. Here's a map to guide you to the meeting point(the shell station near the Mahkota Cheras entrance).

Thanks Ili for the map!

To order please email me at 5 days before the delivery date. For fondant and novelty cakes, it is advisable to place your orders 2 weeks before delivery.

Thank you so much for your trust and support. While deciding which flavour to choose from and the type of cakes you fancy, I will be in the kitchen testing and perfecting the art of baking and decorating. Till my email blinks with your orders, take care!

Warmest Regards


Azila said...

Hi Wiz!!!!
Don't know if u still remember me or not. This is Zil! I love your blog. Well....actually...I love cupcakes. And everything you have here is beautiful. Well done!!!

wizcakes said...

Azila!!! Of course I remember you silly! I'm not some kind of a cake diva who forgets her roots. Many have written in asking if I remembered them, like duh? Apala you all ni. I am old yes, but not senile lagi he he he. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see you guys around here.

ainin said...

TQ. Those muffettes were wonderful. They all loved them. Since they were very petit, the house was not messy with cream...


wizcakes said...

Hi Ainin, thanks so much for the order. Hope the little birthday boy was pleased with the Barney. Keep in touch.

Azila said...

Wiz, I have told Michai about this blog. Hopefully he's spreading the sweetness around too. My sister is also telling all her friends about this. Sempat lagi tak nak order cupcakes for 16 August?

wizcakes said...

Zil, write to me here better. k. Thanks so much for spreading the good words. I am at the moment on "cakebatical leave" Orang lain sabbatical leave, wiz buat leave sniri plak ha ha ha. Tak pe la asal ada bunyi sikit2 pun jadi.

From the 14th to the 25th, I wont be around la Zil. Hope you can source out for other bakers. Here is the list to the online bakery for your perusal.

Catcha later alright.

Azila said...

Oh....that's OK. I will wait until u're on the roll again. Hehehehe....

Pandora said...

Ohmigosh, your cupcakes are supremely BEAUTIFUL! I'm SO gonna order from you for my engagement and wedding!