Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Muff Muffettes

These little poppers need no specific occasions to be enjoyed. A very convenient dessert to pack and go, to serve and  silence the munchkinos, as well as to store and hide from any other predators that might be lurking around for more. The muffs could exclusively be all yours (mwahahaha... imagine opening a box and popping one after another in front of the tv, only you and the muffs) or they could be generously shared between friends, collegues, sedara mara, adik beradik, jiran tetangga and guru-guru. However way and whatever plan you might have for the little muffettes, they will always be ready to accompany you and the others, chocolately.


the little Muffette fellas are queing up for your grabs. Order three boxes of muffs (each one consists of 49 pcs) for only RM100. Usual price is 45rgt per box. They come only in one flavour, the most favourite one of all - Chocolate fudge. The promotional period will go on until  the 30th of May.

Important  message from Miss Paula Abdul
... rush rush, hurry hurry love will come to you...rush rush...

To order send your love notes here

Much Muffette Luv


zaaba said...

kak dearest...

they all loved the muffins. siap tanya nak beli macamana, but when i told them collection kat bandar sungai long, they were abit disheartened. but you never know, they just might get in touch with you. how much do you charge deliveries to nilai? i pointed them to your website direction. did you advertise your contact number?

~ zylia ~

ash21 said...

hi wiz!
its been a while, lm u xupdate :)
keep on workin' wit that magic hands of urs, those muffs surely taste great esp.made by warm-hearted person like u!